The Spring SideWalk Sunday School end


The Spring children programs were also concluded on the last week. For three months we held weekly programs for the children in Sighișoara, Daneș and Hoghilag. Also, the same programs  were in Valea Rece and Gornești by a partnering local church.


The programs included worship songs, games and and basic – though very important – Christian teachings, focused on the idea of trusting God, no matter the circumstances. Some of the topis listed below speak for themselves:

Always seek God

God see’s everything in you

Honor your parents

Choose to obey God

Your anger can be Dangerous  


Some quick facts about this spring with the SideWalk Sunday School program:

Programs held: 11

Attendance  (an average per site; kids, teenagers and adults):

* Goldberich – 60

* Daneș – 37

* Hoghilag – 77

* Valea Rece – 44

* Gornești – 54


The staff involved

* Metro staff: Ana-Maria, Ronela, Magda, Ligia, Dyo and Lucian

* Claudiu, a student volunteer, the coordinator of the villages programs

* 13 teenage volunteers from Goldberich, downtown Sighișoara and Hoghilag


The most disciplined kids over those last three months of the program will go in the ”Dream with God” camp in Râu Sadului, on 26-29 June 2014. Only a few days left until then …









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