To be a blessing in times of COVID-19

During this season we can`t have activities with the kids as we used to, but we can still bring hope in the needy communities. For some people in Romania these times are harder than ever.

One of the most needy places during these times is the Albești Valley, near Sighișoara. The restrictions due to COVID-19 outbreak affected the community deeply, as people can`t go out in the city (not to beg, not to work, not to ask for any help). Only representatives of the families can go to buy some basic stuff, but most of the people don`t have the money to that on a regular basis.

With the collaboration of the local authority from Albești food packages were distributed weekly in the Albești Valley area. The first distribution took place on March 27. 


The packages contain food that can be stored easily, without a fridge (canned meat, jam, rice, beans, pate, oil, pasta, cornflour, etc). Also, at the first distribution, we gave some basic toiletries (soaps and shampoos).


Some of the staff is not easy to buy these days, as there are items hard to find or rationalized by authorities. Still, we are happy to do our best in the circumstances.



For the kids, we put in each bag some colored pens and booklets. They started to enjoy drawing and coloring, as they learned when we had been there, not long ago …


We will continue to provide this help as long as necessary. A package for a family costs about 10 Euro. We buy provisions for 75 families every week. If you want to help this project, you can donate using the info HERE. Please, put „Albesti emergency” on the payment description.




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  1. Adriaan & Helene Paliama says:

    Dear Dyo,
    I am always touched by your reports
    It is still astounding to what the Romanian people have to go through.
    So I honor and salute you and all who stands with you in your work and efforts to reach those in desparate need.
    We will consider a gift and will donate through the link
    Every blessing!

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