Rhema Kindergarten

The “Rhema” Kindergarten is the place where, since 1994, the children between three and six years old from the Goldberich neighborhood and the surrounding area come to receive a basic Christian education, a good preparation for school, character formation, a hot meal every day, love and a healthy perspective on their identity.

The kindergarten meets the communities need of education for small children. They are unable to attend a state kindergarten, as the income in their homes don’t allow them to pay monthly contributions required by these institutions.

All services provided by the “Rhema” kindergarten are free of charge; this is a very important support for parents.

Kindergarten class has two groups : junior and preschool group. The average number of children enrolled in a school year is twenty.


The curriculum of the school year glean some major themes and activities :

– Workshops for school: arithmetics, writing and speech development

– Knowledge about nature

– Creative activities and crafts

– Identity of the child

– “Who is God the Father “?

– Human body parts

– Music, sports and board games

– English lessons

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