Warm Feet in the pandemic year

As we all know 2020 was an atypical year in all its aspects.

In this context, with much international restrictions, outreach teams from abroad were canceled, still we did not want to give up on the Warm feet, knowing that within the actual situation the needs are even greater. Despite the challenges and risks taking, we are glad the project went on. We are very thankful to God for His guidance, provisions and wisdom, without His presence among us, His strength and protection this was not possible. We were able to bless a lot of children and families in great need.


December month had the highest infection rates in Romania, events and gatherings were forbidden, so we needed to find new ways to distribute the boots.  In each community we visited the families, respecting all the protection norms. The sizes and needs were written on a list as well a voucher, later on the same day or following day, families came one by one to a distribution place and received their boots and cloth based on the voucher.

 We all missed the beautiful exciting children programs. Doing it this way we were limited to visit just one community in a day. Some places like Albesti needed lots of preparations, having more needs as well blessings to give out, so we worked for a week to prepare it.

In this way we could have more personal contact with the families. For instance, in Albesti we had people involved in distribution who could use this opportunity to pray for the families. Another aspect is that all the families in a community were blessed with the help, not only those attending the program. They felt valued getting our visit.

Every location needed much human effort and engagement, with the help of our partners who were taking responsibilities to distribute in the villages we were not able to reach directly, we could bless the same number of children as previous years when working in 2 teams in the same time every day of the project. Thank you so much to everyone of our partners who came along side.

What was given this year

This year we ordered 4404 pairs of boots. We also had a lot of knitted stuff (about 150 big bags of socks, scarfs, caps and pullovers), 200 baby packages, 200 Christmas shoe-boxes and over 100 bags of mixed clothes for kids and adults. In Albești, we also gave 74 Christmas family food packages, bread and a traditional Christmas cake. 

Thank you every one who took time to knit, sent money for the boots, donate from their own, collect and organize the donations as well sent it over, all it has been a great, great blessing.

Most of the goods were given before Christmas. In January we were visiting: Netus, Noistat and Jacobeni villages where all the children were happy to get warm feet as well. There was a good collaboration with the school teachers in all locations, who were of a great help.


Total Warm feet project cost 2020 : 31.400 USD.

Our team of 23 people made of Metro staff and volunteers from Romania were very brave. Their contribution was very much appreciated, considering the special circumstances and the challenges they faced. We collaborated in addition with twelve local partners: churches, NGOs and schools.

Special thank you to Metro World Child New York for their support!

Thank you and may God bless you!

Metro Ministries team at WF 2020

Ligia Pintican Englöf PR


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