Mission statement

Vision – Metro Ministries Romania – „Rhema House”

Our vision is to reach, to win, to disciple and involve kids, teenager and families whom we are working with.

Our ministry’s goals are to honor God, to release people into ministry and God-given destiny.

Our statement is:  “Ministry is about people!”

Rhema House Vision

Our vision is to see children, teenagers and families in the neighborhood of Golberich and other villages near Sighisoara, raised up as faithful Christians, models, and leaders for the coming generations. We believe that the kindergarten ministry, the afterschool program, the social assistance projects, the Sunday school ministry, and the teenager ministry will have a life-changing impact in the communities we work with.

We want to encourage, mentor, train and disciple the children, teenagers and families with the Gospel and with biblical values of our Savior Jesus Christ. We want to bring positive in the communities. We want to see people`s lives transformed so that they are inspired to influence their families and friends with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Network Vision

Our call is not to plant churches. We want to support churches in their outreach ministry and church planting process. Planting churches and congregations have to be the vision of the local churches we work with.

Metro Ministries Romania has the capacity to encourage, envision and help to get them started, especially by starting children ministries and mentoring the teenagers. By reaching, winning, making disciples, and involving the children and teenagers, we believe that they will reach their families and friends. Furthermore, the kids and teens will bring healing and restoration to their own families.

We want to encourage leaders with outreaches,  support them with training and  equip them with the curriculum. We also offer them to be a part of the “Warm Feet” project or in other similar projects.