Internship – Q & A

  1. Who is the internship for?
    • Who should apply for this program?
      • Those interested in Children Ministry and Missions
      • Social workers interested in child and family welfare.
      • Teachers or students in education with an interest on children in need education
    • Who can qualify for admission?
      • Those who are willing to serve others and work hard. Mission involves practical work as well teaching and helping each other.
      • Christians of age 18  and older
      • Candidates recommended by their pastors or christian leaders for their commitment to follow Christ and witness God’s love.
      • Spoken languages English or Romanian. The official teaching language is English/Romanian. However, in order to work efficiently with the kids and adapt better in the communities the foreign interns are encouraged to learn basic Romanian, before and during the program.
    • What should their passion be?
      • Children and missions
      • Teaching &Preaching
      • Serving and helping those in need
      • Social and community issues
  1. What is the internship about?
    • What will they be doing?
      • Children programs in the center like preschool, afterschool and teens program as well in the villages,
      • Visiting the rural communities near Sighișoara, especially the Roma neighborhoods,
      • Practical work/preparations at the Metro Ministries Headquarters
    • What will they learn?
      • How to perform the Metro Sunday School programs
      • How to teach and write lessons for the children programs
      • How to integrate their personal Bible reflection as a lifestyle in ministry to the kids
      • Teamwork skills
      • How to build friendships and relationships with the kids and the locals
      • Basic Romanian language
    • What is the normal schedule like?
      • During internship: Monday to Friday: 8 hours per day; some days could take extra hours depending on the traveling time to the ministry locations.
      • During the Warm Feet and summer outreaches the program are intensive and it could take the whole day but don`t worry: the fun time is included! J
  1. Where is the internship?
    • What city/ country?
    • Where will they be living?
      • At the Metro Ministries house in Sighisoara, Romania
      • Simple housing, but having all the basics provided
    • Where will they be visiting?
      • Villages and communities around Sighisoara
  1. What is the cost of the internship?
    • Travel expenses to and from Sighisoara
      • From Europe: 100-400 Euro (Round Trip)
      • From the United States: $1000-$1500 (Round trip)
    • 180 Euro per month – For the Internship
    • Suggested 50-100 Euro ($100-$150) per month for personal items, fun, and entertainment