“Touching lives and building future” updates spring 2021

A big thank you to all of you who have been giving towards the work in Sighisoara in different ways during 2020. The work has continued staidly in spite of Corona limitations. 

So what happened lately? In Albesti village the education and social center ”From Clay to Art”  House, has opened its gates for the children. Even the pandemic restrictions has been limited us, our team found new ways to make a difference for those in need.

Last January we were working with the children in one little rooms from Cosina’s family right on the Valley. In March we bought a house with a big garden across the street. After the lock-downs we worked on renovations to prepare for the children, otherwise begging everyday on the streets, to come for education class.

In October we gathered those who gave up school or never were registered, to came for literacy class. We work in 5 different small groups with about 40 children from 10 to 17 years old. They need lots of individual help . Beside the literacy our team teaches different values, discipline, hygiene, morals and Christian truth like Gods love for everyone is the same. They eat together and do lots of games to develop their focus and logic thinking.

We plan to serve warm meals but for now we don’t have a proper kitchen Something very special for the children is celebrating for the first time their birthday. Some did not even know when is their birthday. It is a great joy to see them happy.

It took some time to learn the rules, to be able to focus and adjust from chaos to normal life. With love and patience our staff made the children feel welcome and at peace. The teaching is specially made for Roma culture and their needs. We have even a group for children with special issues like down syndrome and hearing problems. There is a group for older teens, as well mothers.

Children registered to public school received help with: backpacks, school material and cloth. We have been approved social services by the Social Department, people can come to ask for help with social needs, official paper work and jobs.

The house is not totally finished, we still need to connect water and build our own sewerage system as the village sewerage stops before our street. So we can not help the children take a shower yet. They struggle to keep themselves clean as they don’t have running water. This summer we plan to work on adding an extra hallway for entry, a kitchen as well shower, toilettes and install a washing machine. On the 2nd building there is a barn we consider have a place for personal working with us. See the plan in the slideshow.

“Casa Rhema” our main center in Sighisoara

Afterschool was reorganized to help the children in smaller groups every day. With the “on line schooling” since October to March this program became even more needed. Not all the children have access to devices or internet. Here the children can ask questions, get direct help, talk and share about their struggles. It’s a real learning place.

Children programs were also affected by the restrictions but with care and wisdom could continue.

The Step by Step teenager program continues building the teens weekly with topics like :Who Am I? From where I start my journey? Whom do I learn from? What do I wish the most? Personal discipline, Hope for a better future and so on. With many parents working abroad, this group is their closes friends and family.

Base renovation has continued with the help of our local builder Ferry. De new showers and toilets looks very nice and are already in use. We are working right now to finish the cabins installation. Next steps in renovations are the main kitchen and staff apartment.

In the kindergarten we have been taken a group of 8 children from Albesti village. Their chaotic life, without much development makes it very difficult to integrate in the first class. Our purpose is that after one year of intensive preparations, to help them attend school. They have been enjoying very much the lessons, toys, learning to color, count to 10 and play with Lego. It was wonderful to see them perform at Mothers day celebration. Every child can learn when loved and accepted. There are still challenges with head lice and keep their cloth clean. We tried to clean the hair from lice but is hard to keep it so as they get it back at home after a while, even if they shower at the center. We bought kindergarten cloth uniform what they should wear everyday and keep it clean. They are so beautiful.

Some prayer points : an extra van for the children’s transport is very needed; protection and wisdom over the team and the project in Albesti, resources to continue the renovations, health, wisdom and strength in the everyday work.

Thank you for being part by praying, giving and coming to help. Christ is reason, His life was given to bring more of His life in everyone of us. Enjoy His gift of life.

Ligia Pintican- Englöf PR


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