One long cool summer – The kids camp

The ~Dream with God~ summer camp was organised in Râu Sadului at the end of the past month. We had 65 kids,  6 Metro staff, 12 teenage helpers and 14 Swedish young friends having a great time in a beautiful place, dreaming about the future with God, as in the bibilical times Joseph, the son of Jacob, did …

… with the hope that the impossible dreams of today, with God’s help, will become amazing realities of tomorow …

These pictures speak for themselves, don’t you think?

Worship time
Worship time
The Joseph's drama, played by the swedish team ... in Romanian!
The Joseph’s drama, played by the Swedish team … in Romanian!
Sport activities
Sport activities
We are the winners!
We are the winners!
The Swedish side of the rope ...
The Swedish side of the rope …
The Romanian side of the rope
… and the Romanian (a bit stronger 🙂 ) side of it
Having a good meal
Having a good and healthy meal
Playing outside
Playing outside
Small group discutions
Nice scenery for a small group discutions
Small group discutions
Other small group discutions – big dreams …
Morning refreshing time
Waking up in the morning
A kind of baseball
Baseball – Romanian style
One big / happy team!
One big / happy team!


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