The Metro team

We are a team of seven: Magda, Ronela, Dionis, Laura, Sabine, Ioana and Ligia. Six of us are Romanians and Sabine is from Switzerland.

In this spring semester we have two interns: Eva from France and Joel from Switzerland

We all are involved with the children programs in the communities and also we have different responsibilities in the team: kindergarten, after-school, literacy program, social work, kitchen, administration, teenagers, public relationships or parent’s ministry.

Ligia is one of the founders and the leader of the ministry. Though she lives in Sweden part of the year, she travels to Romania periodically and she is involved with communication, summer and winter outreaches, as well as public relationships.

The board of Metro Ministries Foundation consists of five leaders, from different nations like: Romania, Switzerland and Sweden.

We all serve the children in Romania with the purpose to see them growing healthy, loving God, getting ready to take responsibilities in serving others and promoting  Christian values in society. We want to see them having healthy and strong families, with a good impact in the places they live and work.

Our core values are: education, both formal and informal, excellence and integrity in what we do, strong relationships as well holistic approach of development.

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