Summer camps

The aim of the camps is to offer to the kids and the youth, who attend our programs, a few days of vacation in order to spend some personal time with them, to give them love and encouragement to have a positive influence on them, but also to give them a memorable vacation, which for most of them is the only way to get out of town.

What kind of camps have been organized over the years:

1. Kids camps – between the ages of 8-13

2. Teenage camps – between the ages of 14-18

3. Family camps

4. Day camps for the kids from the following villages: Vanatori, Albesti, Cartierul Viilor, Hoghilag , Soard, Seleus, Danes.



Target group: children in need who attend our programs and don`t have the opportunity to go on vacation with their families

The camps` aim is to provide a constructive holiday so that in a protected, safe and loving environment kids can enjoy a few unique vacation days, fresh air, sports, and creative lessons about God, nature, family, and life.

In 1996 the first kids camp was organized near Biertan Valley.

Locations where camps have been organized over the last 20 years: Biertan Valley, Apuseni Mountains/ Cluj, Prod, Vlahita, Lunca Bradului, Ivo, Busteni, Rosia Noua / Arad, Saulia de Campie, Râu Sadului, Geoagiu Băi, etc



Target group: families from different ethnical and social groups

Aim: to strengthen the relationships between the families and the couples, to offer a vacation to the whole family, through which each family can be strengthened and encouraged

Some of the camp programs: family time, recreational games, teachings for couples and group discussions, special time for kids for each age group, resting time, sports etc

2003 first camp with 12 families from Goldberich at Lunca Bradului.

2004 – camp for 24 families from Sighisoara and the surroundings at Șăulia de Câmpie

2005, Vlăhita: 27 families from all over the country

2006, Valea Draganului, approximately 25 families from the country

2007  Râu Sadului- Sibiu, approximately 20 families from the country

2013 Busteni, 12 families from Sighisoara

Families retreat 2013

Youth and teenagers

Informal Christian education based camps, with mission trips to: Serbia, Turcia si Moldova.

Character building camps; camps which help to develop self-knowledge and extend the knowledge they have about nature, country etc

–  visiting the  Bear Cave, Ice Cave, Hunyad Castle,etc

–  hiking in Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Crucea Caraiman, etc

1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 camps organized at Bradatel

1999 to Prod

2009 to Lunca Bradului

2010 to Prod

2011 to Busteni

2012 to Apuseni Mountains

2013 to Apuseni Mountains

2015 to Prod

2016 to Bran


Day Camps for kids from the surrounding villages

Starting from 1999

Locations: Vanatori, Albesti, Hoghilag, Soard, Danes, Seleus, Viilor

Target group: children in need from Roma villages and communities.

Aim: To offer a few amazing vacation days for the kids from the villages, by the organization of creative activities and crafts, sports, object lesson, Bible lesson, story, as for eg.:

– painting and drawing, making bracelets, necklaces, balloon animals, hats, flags, face painting, etc

– sport competitions: football, jump rope, frisbee, relay, group games with balls, etc

– songs and Bible lesson


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