The 2018-2019 school season for Metro Ministries in Sighișoara

The “Rhema House – after school program” continues this year with 37 kids registered, from zero (the transitional grade form kindergarten to school) to the 8th grade.

On this summer we had the first generation of children to pass exams in order to get in high-schools. They have got honorable and some, we can say, surprising results: two children are now in a mathematics-IT class, one in a humanistic studies, two in a professional class (electro-mechanics) and one is in a sports classroom. Some of them continue to come to receive assistance with their school developed to support the children in their educational preparation.

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As we said goodbye to Theo, who is now studying in university, we hired Denisa to work part time with the older kids and the little ones as well. She is very dedicated to this project, also she is involved in running the Sunday School programs. We encourage the children to work hard and develop a good foundation for future training. The ones preparing for high school are considering different vocational profiles, which connect their interests to practical jobs. They now have hope and future plans.

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To have a sense of security, know you are loved and build up with good values: all start in the first 7 years of our lives. When families are broken and chaos and indifference reign; it is hard to receive these. Somebody to take time to show how to hold a pen, wash hands before the mealtime, tie your shoes, bring back the things you played with, resolve a conflict in a loving manner or even someone just listen to your stumbling words is not the reality at the home of the kids who are part of the kindergarten group.

This is what we offer everyday with the love and kindness of our staff. This is in addition to meals and teaching them about fruits, leaves and nature in these beautiful autumns’ days.

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Sunday School Children programs had started in September, a new semester with joy and expectations. Saes, Netus, Goldberich and Danes are the villages our team has projects to reach out to the needy children. We reach about 120 to 150 children and adults every week by these programs.


The „Step by Step” teen’s group is growing together. Combing everyday questions with the Biblical truth the girls are meeting with Ana Maria as the boys are regrouping with Dyo. On this season we will learn together to build our character and also to develop our teamwork skills.


As usual, the Warm Feet project will take place right after the Christmas, on 26th -31st of December period. We will reach 22 villages with boots & warm clothes; we expect to have more than 5000 children reached by this project. In Albești we will also distribute food packages; they are a great blessing for such a poor community.


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