Warm Feet 2018 – Make room for Jesus

Since it started, about thirteen years ago, Warm Feet project came in every year with a new flavor, with a new discovery, with different challenges or maybe deeper revelations about us, while getting involved in a ministry of blessing so many kids and adults. In one year it was the understanding of what we gain while we give. In another it was simply the challenge to remain focused and dedicated while working of hard conditions (around -25 Celsius degrees freezing weather).

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This year we faced a heavy attack in our bodies, as several people from our teams got sick, and they were not able to carry on to the end of the program. A strong flue is still affecting Romania as I write these article (with over 50 people on death toll). By God`s grace, we are happy to report that while the project as whole was successfully conducted to the end most of the people are now recovered after the flue.

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Also, this year we had an abundance in everything: people, resources, challenges, joyful kids. Over 60 people — Swiss, Belgium, American, Swedish and Romanians — were involved in the project. All the deposits were full of goods to distribute: boots, socks, warm clothes, baby packages, Christmas shoe boxes, soft toys, food. One of or main concerns was to give generously all we received, to bless the kids and their families and to bring them joy for this special days.

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“Make room for Jesus” was the theme of the programs on this year. We shared with the kids the good news of the Gospel, the fact that Jesus Christ God came to our world, to be with us, to have fellowship with us in our families. He is knocking at the door: will be open and let Him be with us?

This year it was maybe not so cold outside; instead, we encounter a lot of mud. In Albești Valley we walked again on the muddy paths between the houses, while giving food, boots and clothes for all the people in the community.

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We hope God will make grow the seeds we planted in all those communities. We know the changes produced in people`s lives are not always striking and visible at first glance; we also aknowledge that what it is built there is done by God`s strength and power and that`s why we trust it will endure.

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