Rhema House renovation

In times like this, when we can`t function as a ministry as we are supposed to, we believe we still get the most of it, spiritually, by encouraging and helping those in need, and practically, as described below. We invite you to be a part of what happens here, in Sighișoara, even in the midst of the challenges we all have to face.

The building we use in Sighișoara as a ministry center is a gift from God. Since it was purchased, more than 25 years ago, it served the purpose of the ministry for the Goldberih community and the remote villages, and also for missionaries and young people called to be trained to help others, both spiritual and practical.

However, the building is quite old and it is harder, by each passing year, to keep up with the needs of the work with the children or hosting teams in outreaches (for Warm Feet or for the Summer activities). We need bigger toilets and bathrooms, a more functional kitchen, an improved plumbing installation and, in general, a better electric infrastructure.

The whole renovation project will be planned in such a way that the ongoing activities with the children will not be disturbed. We want to complete the project by the end of 2020, but we acknowledge the fact that it is possible to need more time to get it done, considering the challenges we all face during this season (the COVID outbreak etc.).

(The new pipes are installed in the bathrooms)

The renovation work will consist of these main areas:
– toilets and showers expansion and redesign
– the replacement of the old sewage system with an improved one
– kitchen renovation and upgrading
– laundry room relocated and rebuilt
– sleeping room by the Meeting Hall will be renovated; a bathroom and emergency exit will be built there

So far, the estimated cost for the whole project is 45.000 Euros.

In February, some steps were made in the renewal of the bathrooms, tearing down the old ones. A brave Swedish team started working here for the first week. For now, we have a local constructor who continues to work now on the installation of the new system.

Under construction: replacing the old with the new
The first team (from Sweden) came to work here on the 9-15 of March period. Tack så mycket!  

Would you be able to help by giving or using your skills? Please let us know how you can be involved.

You can be a part of this project through:
– prayer
– financial support (see info here)
– investing your time and skills as a volunteer.

We will be working with professional guidance and in small groups for every step of renovation.

Please contact Jan Englöf, our coordinator for this project:

by phone – 0046 (0)702.783.324

by email – jan.englof@telia.com



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