A brief Summer 2019 activities overview

As usual, the last summer was dedicated to the outreaches and special programs with the kids in Sighișoara and in some remote villages. In the first part of the period we held two weeks of outreaches in Albești, based on the topic of Creation. In the last weeks of July we had activities dedicated to the kids in Goldberich, for the little ones, but to the youths. All these activities were developed with the support and direct involvement of our good friends, coming from different countries, like Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany. We also appreciate the great help we received from the Romanian volunteers.

Albești – The Creation Quest

The two weeks outreach in Albești had the main theme built on the story of Creation, from Genesis, with the focus on the responsibilities we have as children of God over the world He created. The purpose of this year`s project was to teach the children and the adults to take care of the environment they live in, to keep it clean, to take care of the whole area, to protect the animals and to care one for another.


Kids and parents received sandwiches every day at noon. On both Thursdays, we visited each house of the community. Packages with basic toiletries, clothes, shoes an food were given to the families.


On the last day of the first week, we had a celebration at the Community Hall in Albești. All the teams presented the crafts they made over the week. We played some songs and games; it was really a time of appreciation and encouragement. Each person – kid or adult – had a chance to enjoy a special an very tasty hot-dog and a generous slice of watermelon.


The second week in Albești was also concluded by a big celebration. This time it was organized close to the Valley, on a grassy spot, like an „Albești Fest” for the community. All the families received personalized invitations. They dressed nicely and came at 6 p.m., in perfect order, at the event. We ordered pizza – over 120 of them! – and refreshing beverages. We enjoyed some good music – even having some „live” performances – and we heard some testimonies from the young people from Belgium.


Step by Step

In the mid of July, a group of young Swiss came in Romania, working în our base, in practical and spiritual ways. We are grateful for all the work they have done, replacing the roof on the main yard and repairing the facade of the building.

Also, they had a daily input in the meetings with the youths from the Step by Step group, encouraging them to make wise decisions in life and to get closer to God, by developing a real relationship with Him.

On the last day of their outreach, we organized a cement distribution activity in Albești Valley. Each family received cement; this was used to improve the houses, to make cement floors, to build stronger walls or even to extend. This was the second time we distributed this kind of material and we can testify an improvement in the living conditions since the last time.


The „Take time for your time” children Camp

The 2019 children camp took place in Râu Sadului, in a place close to the mountains. We worked for this camp in partnership with a group of young people from Nurnberg.

Screenshot (1)

We had 70 kids and youths from Sighișoara and three other villages where we had SWSS programs: Șaeș, Daneș, and Netuș (for the first time).

The teaching was based on parables from the Gospels and was structured to address the three important dimensions of our lives: the time we spend with God, the time we invest in others and the time we dedicate for our personal growth. In the dramas, we involved the teenagers from the Step by Step group.

There was not only teaching but also time invested in playing, working on diverse creative crafts or team activities. It was an intense and challenging time for all of us, but – we hope – profitable for each participant. Some kids are already asking for the camp the next year!



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  1. Adriaan Paliama says:

    So good and encouraging to read all these. me God bless you each and every day and with each and every step you take.

  2. Esther Baumgartner says:

    Great to read your news of the summer season.
    Be blessed and go on
    Greetings Esther Baumgartner

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