A (new) pack of Christmas blessings for Albești Valley


There is greater joy in giving than receiving!


How would it be to live a day without having anything to eat?
What if that day is near Christmas and there is no other chance to get an income than to sent your children to beg or to do other  dishonorable things  …
It is winter and it is cold, and there are no other simple jobs to take for a day in order to get some money, the social help is gone since long time and child allowance will be coming. .. next year.
That’s how thoughts are fighting the mind of the mother and father with 5 or 7 or even 9 kids in the Valley.

The Metro team was eagerly investing two days in buying, packing and delivering to 70 families generous food packages for the Christmas time.

Was it hard? It was maybe cold and little tiring, but the joy grew quickly with every delivered package, seeing the needs and the thankfulness.


The little ones enjoyed their own chocolate bar.What a joy !

Thank you, friends from Sweden, for making this possible!


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  1. Byron Hynds says:

    Another great newsletter. Thanks. God’s richest blessings with the warm feet project today!!

    1. ligipp says:

      Thank you for your support Byron, today both teams arrived and tomorrow we start the outreaches in 4 villages every day.

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