Summer 2015 review

The last summer was filled with events, guests, teams and blessings. Here is a short overview:

The ”Love in action” camp

The camp was organised, for the second time, in Râu Sadului, near Sibiu. The facility is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities, for games, for nice walks and quiet times. This year we had 56 kids,  6 Metro staff, 15 teenage helpers and a team of 10 young friends from Sweden. The lessons thaught were based on the the two parables – The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan – with the focus on finding and developing ways to expres love one to another, as we are all beloved children of the same merciful Father.

The Albești Oureach

One more time the Albești Valey was touched by the love of our Heavenly Father. This was done by games, songs, lessons, sandwiches, beautiful crafts, hugs, smiles offered through people from Romania, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Germany. In our diversity we gave a testimony about the same amazing grace of God for all the nations of the Earth.

On the last day, even the reluctant and troubled young men were tamed, as we had a nice fotball game with them …

Lunch time
Lunch time
The soccer teams
The soccer teams
No comments ...
No comments …

The Villages Outreach

For another week we reached with daily programs four villages near Sighișoara: Daneș, Hoghilag, Măieruș and Albești. We also reached Viilor, a poor neighbourhood from Sighișoara. In Măieruș we held the program in a local church building; a lot of parents came along with their children and enjoyed the activities. It was encouraging to hear that some of them are attending regularly the church services since then.

The core message was based on the Prodigal Son story, sharing the good news about God`s love for us and the his saving grace. We pray that the seeds planted during all these weeks will produce good fruits in future and the Kingdom of God will flourish in the people`s hearts.

The Teenagers Camp

With a bunch of young teens – all of them involved as volunteers in our regular Sunday School programs – we had a great time in Praid, about 50 km away from Sighisoara. The participants were challenged to enter in a life adventure with God: it won`t be easy but it will definetly worth the effort because God is faithfull and He will be with us along the way.

We give thanks to the Belgium team who took the challenge to invest a time for blessing our youths!

Building bridges

The last days of June were dedicated to connect different worlds, in this realm and in the spiritual one. The Belgium people came with the plans and with all the necesary stuff to build two wooden bridges on Albești valley. During the work the message cast to the whole community was that Jesus is the only bridge between us and the Father.

bridge 02

bridge 01


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