The After School 2014-2015 – The end of the season

On the last Thursday, June 09-2015, we held the celebration with all the kids involved in the After School program over this school year. It was a challenging season, as we had more kids in the program than in the previous year, but the results are encouraging. The kids are growing and their results in school improved in time. They are happy now, as they will soon enter in the holiday time, and they are looking forward for the following summer camp (June 30 – July 3).


We rewarded all the kids with a traditional sweet cake and with presents. Also, we gave prizes according to their involvement, and their results in school and the behavior at the program during the whole year. And we played some games together. After all those months of intense hard work, it was great to have a time dedicated just for fun and relaxation …


Some facts about the After School program for 2014-2015 at Metro Ministries Sighișoara:

Lenght of the program: 32 weeks, from 22th of Sptember 2014 to 9th of June 2015 (25 weeks on the previous year)

Educational level covered: grades 1-5 (1-4 in the last year)

The staff involved over time: four adult instructors and one high-school volunteer

The total number of the registered kids: 28 (32 in the last year)

The number of the kids who attended regularly: 23 (18 in the last year)

The kids showing a significant progress in school: 11 (same as in previous year)


In the next fall we will extend the After School program to cover the grades 1-6. This means we need more resources (people and finances) but we trust that God will provide all we need to continue the program and to bless the kids.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support and may God reward you abundantly!

The kids from grades 1-3
The kids from grades 1-3
The kids from grades 4-5
The kids from grades 4-5

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  1. Jan Englöf says:

    good luck with the training!

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