After school – the end of the first semester


We proudly anounce that the first semester of the 2014-2015 After School program was completed with encouraging results. We can testify the progress of most of the kids in school; beside the fact they made here their homeworks, we saw they gained more trust in their abilities to think and to find solutions for the problems they have to solve.


On the last Wednesday we held, beside the regular homework activity, a short cellebration event, in which we rewarded the efforts done by all these kids in this semester to achieve better results in school.


They were excited to discover what was in the bags … candies, toys, school supplies, clothes, toiletries …


As usual, we provide some quick facts about the first semester of the 2014-2015 After School program at Metro Ministries Sighișoara. And some fresh pictures also …


The lenght of the program: 15 weeks, from September 22 of 2014 to 28th of January 2015 – 59 meetings

Educational level covered: grades 1-5


The staff involved: four adult instructors and two volunteers

The total number of the registered kids: 26


The number of the kids who attended regularly: 22

The number of the new kids: 6


The kids showing a significant progress in school: 10

The kids who failed to pass the semester: 0


The program will continue with the second semester by the second week of February 2015.


A big ”Thank you!”to all who made this possible, friends, parteners and supporters from here and from far, far away!



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