Here are some testimonies from the participants …


The warm feet project has been more than just a different kind of holiday. I have learned what it actually means to step out of the comfort zone to reach out to people in need. Not just theoretically, but seeing it put into practice by the Metro staff. Without boasting about it nor seeking approval, they just love these children, treating each one of them as a unique gift from God. What I have learned from them has encouraged me to do the same in my “rich” country Switzerland, where people might have all the material things they need, but lack of love as much as Roma children in Romania do.

Giulia Eicher – Switzerland


We have a big heart for Romania and have visited the country several times but this was the first time we were involved in a project that allowed us to share the love of Jesus in word and in action. We appreciated being a part of a team with many others from different countries with the same heart and it was surprising how easily we were able to work together smoothly and in unity.

We were amazed and also saddened to see so many children without proper footwear or outerwear that could combat the bitter cold of winter. We hugged many a shivering child as we passed out boots and gifts. In contrast, what amazed us most was the joy we could tangibly feel in nearly every Gypsy village we visited. Never have we been met with such hospitality and kindness in such poor and dire places. We are convinced the villages we visited are some of Jesus’ favorite places too.

Ligia has been doing this project for the last several years and she is very organized, humble, and wise in showing us how to engage with families we visit. Her passion to see the children and families receive the Gospel with joy as well as providing for their practical needs is contagious and we felt honored to serve alongside of her and learn from her.

We would like to help with Warm Feet again and hope to bring a team of others with us so that they too may see how to be the hands and feet of Christ in other nations.

Ettienne and David Hand- UK


Being in Romania is seeing beautiful nature, nice villages, having contact with warm feeling people.

But is also being touched by the poverty where a lot of people have to deal with.

To be involved in the warm feet project means hard working with a lot of good meaning people and making a difference for a lot of poor kids and people.

Not only the boots and the socks, but also the gospel, songs and plays are life changing presents.

To be a part in distributing and having contact with the people is an honour and a blessing , not only for them, maybe even more for ourselves;

To see their smiles and happiness makes us grateful for all we have and we can do.

Krista from Belgium



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  1. Reblogged this on Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & co and commented:
    Metro? Metro Ministries România.

    1. ligipp says:

      D-l Alexandru, multumim pentruca a-ti re-postat articolul nostru. Nu suntem magazinul Metro, daca aici era dilema? ci o fundatie non-profit care lucreaza dupa cum se vede din articolele postate cu copii in nevoie si familile lor. Scopul si viziunea noastra este de a aduce o transformare pe termen lung prin educatie, sprijin social si moral bazat pe principii crestine. Daca aveti mai multe intrebari va rugam sa reveniti.

      1. nu aveam nici cea mai mică îndoială că ați fi magazinul. dar suna bine să se mire cei ce ar crede că sunteți/
        spor la treabă!

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