Christmas food packages

Christmas, the feast of light and joy, is not celebrated in the same way everywhere.

While most people in many countries are over doing the Christmas dinner, lights, trees and presents, in some other places like Albesti valley, near Sighișoara, the Roma people are lost in dark and hunger. Some children don’t even have a chance to taste an orange fruit.

Albesti houses

Jesus said that ”greater joy is in giving than in receiving”, and we want to experience this reality in our own lives …

Since 2008 our team is going out to the needy families around Christmas time with a food package to bring some joy and hope as well as lighten the difficult burden of the families.


Places like Albesti Valley, Șoard, Secuieni and Goldberich are among the ones that received this blessing over the last years.

Basic food like: oil, butter, bread, potatoes, chicken meat, rice, flower, sugar, milk, biscuits, some candies, shampoo, soap, detergent, etc … with only 20 euro, we can bring a lot of joy to a poor family!


If you want to help, you can make donations by following the informations HERE.


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