What is Warm Feet?

It is already going back for some good years, working among the neediest countryside Roma communities, where mud and dirt is a trade mark of every day life.

One missionary lady called Verena Schneider from Switzerland, together with Thomas and Tanya Fankhauser, came with the idea of collecting donations in Switzerland as well as ask ladies to knit socks for providing warm feet in the harsh winter days in Romania. Some kids wear the boots all winter long as well as in the muddy spring days, utill the warm days of May are back …

For Sighisoara the project started in 2007. Every year more villages were included in the mission project, reaching out to over 5000 children per year.  In 2011 we provided warm feet to over 7500 children. The need is real, and the blessing for those little ones is overwhelming.

Our team goes out in the communities and gives to the children the good news of God’s love as well as  the practical blessing of the warm socks and boots with linen.


Every year we have volunteer teams from Switzerland, Belgium, and individuals from all over Europe who comes to help with the distribution. Also, we are deighted to se many Romanians volunteering in the project. So, you’re welcome to come along with us in this exciting ministry, and to witness God’s love for those in need!

Thanks, everyone. Your contribution makes a difference!


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  1. jan englöf says:

    Great help for the most needy children! It is a joy to take part in this important work both to give out boots, socks and also share the love of God.

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