Rhema after school program update

The after school program started on 21th of October 2013 with two meetings per week. Since 11th of November the program continues with four meetings per week (Monday – Thursday).

In the beginning we had 13 kids registered for the program. By each week, as the news spread in the community, other parents came to register their children for the after school, so the total number is now 20 (and growing!).

Some parents asked us to help the kids from the third grade to prepare their English classes. Considering their request, we decided to dedicate the Thursday afternoon for this purpose.

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What did we observe so far?

Well, with some kids – not many – it’s very easy, as they are quick to understand and come at the program with the lesson almost learned from the class. We basicaly verify their homeworks and help them, if necessary, to correct the mistakes.

The most common problems for the kids in third and fourth grades are in basic arithmetic, especially when it comes to multiply numbers. The good news is they are smart and learn prety fast how to do these calculations.

We have some kids in the second grade who are still not able to read. We give them a focused attention at the classes with the hope to be able to report in the near future their progres in reading word and full sentences.

And … of course, some kids don’t like to do homeworks at all. We do our best to create a positive, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, also to reward their good results.

To be continued …


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